Owan West Suspends 3 Councillors Indefinitely For Gross Misconduct

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The Deputy Speaker of Owan West Legislative Arm and Councillor representating Ward 8 (Okpuje), Hon. Ayeni Monday has been  suspended.
The house also suspended two other members including Hon. Hon. Kelvin Omon Eseimuze, Councillor representating Ward 6 and Hon. Ohimai Samuel, ward 3 Councillor.
According to the Speaker of the House, Hon. Omuan Atane, their suspension was as a result of gross misconduct  and breaching of legislative rules of the House.
He noted that, “the three Councillors engaged in the acts that contravene the Standing Order, Order 4, Rule 1(DFHI) and Rule 3 (E) and Section 29 of Local Government Laws 2000 (2002 as amended).
“This hallowed chamber remains a place of discipline and will never condone any act that is not in line with stipulated rules and regulations.
“As law makers at the grassroot level, we will continue to offer legislative engineering with a view of meeting  a high level of success.”

The House also announced Hon. Oni Ekpekhena, from Ward 10 as the new Deputy Speaker.

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