Obaseki, Dangote, Others Commends Ahmadiyya Nigeria On Economic Summit

No fewer than 500 members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria (AMJN) across Eastern Region and other parts of the country participated in the just concluded 4th Jalsa Tarbiyyah (Economic Summit).


The Economic Summit described as one of the most successful business event in the country going by take home from the participants specifically lots of business opportunities ideas.


The summit that was held at MOM Civic Centre, Airport Road, Warri, Delta State where Managing Director of Multinational companies, CEOs of Private and Government sectors, Economists among others engaged in panel discussions on how Nigeria can move forward beyond oil sector.


In his opening address, Naib Amir (Deputy President) of the region, Dr Abdul-Gani Enahoro stated that the essence of the summit is to educate the Jama’at members on how to become successful in business without losing spirituality and the fear of God.

L-R: Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Engr. Abdul Waheed Adeoye; Missionary-in-Charge, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Murrabi Afzaal Rauf and Representative of Edo State Governor, Comrade S. B. Kadir, during the 4th Eastern Region Jalsa Tarbiyyah in Warri, Delta State.


“This business summit is a new way for us and we have selected a panel of speakers and discussants for two sessions, and they would take us through the windy road of how to become successful in business without losing spirituality and the fear of God, as we navigate through this very troubling period of our country’s history, full of temptations.


“As you can see they have all spoken from their rich experiences in diverse fields.


Enahoro then enjoined the participants not to assume they have knowledge of everything, they should continue meeting experts time to time in order to boost and secure their businesses.


The Chairman of the occasion, the Amir Sahib (National President) AMJN, Dr Moshu’ud Aderenle Fashola, advised the youths to invest more in agriculture and agro allied industry.


Fashola who is also an economist, enjoined the parents to be vigilant in their wards lifestyle “your child is not working and keeps buying new worldly things home, you should query them of where they get that, you (parents) must be vigilant in what they (children) does”, he noted.


The main guest lecturer, Dr Saheed Timehin spoke on the theme: Recognition of God: “A true means of Salvation,” analyzed issues such as poverty, globalization, liberation, democracy, democratic pluralism, privatization, secularization, and religious resurgence, and how to relate with them in contemporary tines have continued to dominate the discourse at the national and global levels.

L-R: Guest Lecturer, Dr. Sa’eed Timehin; General Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Alhaji Abbas Iromini and Representative of Commissioner of Police Edo State, Superintendent of Police, Mr Idris Onaido, during the 4th Eastern Region Jalsa Tarbiyyah in Warri, Delta State.

“Throughout the world, from the far eastern countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Korea to North, East, West and South African countries; from the Middle East to Central Asia, and from Europe to America, crises of varying dimensions are perennially experienced experienced and the whole world world weeps for salvation from poverty, insecurity, ignorance, illiteracy, hate and several other unpalatable situations and conditions.


Timehin said all stakeholders and leaders of thoughts at the local, national and global arena have struggled relentlessly to find lasting solutions to these crises in their different ways thereby attaining the salvation they seek.


“They have sought solutions in socio-economic principles, psychopathological deconstruction of events and political and ideological theorizations but they have turned a blind eye to the only source of succour-Allah, the determinant of all affairs. They have ruled out the most powerful instinct in human beings which is the religious instinct. Even the religious leaders an missing link to the founts of true salvation.


“His attributes the “Beneficent and Merciful” embody His greatness and His Mercy coordinates and directs all affairs. His Beneficence, one one hand, captures His perpetual generousity and limitless sustenance of all He has created while His Mercy, on the other hand, embodies an expression of His infinite mercy, favour and appreciation of those who recognize Him and are conscious of Him.


“Recognition of God, as spelt out by Islam, will create in the individual a moral consciousness that makes him see that his actions have a worldly reference. It thus makes him develop a firm belief in transcendent accountability, stressing character building through a functional moral orientation that assists him to embrace virtues and shun vices.


Speakers and panelists at the event discussed other three papers. The first is entitled “The guiding principles for survival in business without corruption in a mono-product economy” the paper was delivered by Africa richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote; Mr Zaid presented the second paper “Investment in agriculture – the value Chain and opportunities. The third presentation was “Islamic Ethnics in business and commerce”, by Naib Amir (Deputy President) AMJN Special Duties, Alhaji Ahmed Al Hassan. “Renewable energy: the next phase to energy solution, was the last paper by An Energy Expert, Mr Samad Idowu.


Dangote in his message commended the Jama’at for engaging its members in various business ideas.


Meanwhile, in his goodwill message, Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki commended Ahmadiyya’s efforts in propagating global religious tolerance, education and provision of social services.


In his words, “I want to profoundly commend your efforts of long history in propagating global religious tolerance, education and provision of social services to guarantee better living for humanity.


“There is no denying the fact that the values you espouse are very meaningful in deriving the ideal world of peaceful coexistence, shared economic prosperity, globally enlightened citizenry, religious and cultural tolerance, security, and enhanced better living for mankind”. He noted.


“I am particularly grateful that the focus of this year’s Annual Regional Conference is focusing on very pertinent issues which we must all keep collaborating to address.

L-R: Chief Imam Central Mosque, Warri, the Chief Imam of Warri Central Mosque, Abdul Rasheed Ajisafe; Vice President, General Supreme Council Islamic Affairs Edo Delta State, Prince (Alhaji) Biliaminu Emeko and Sadr Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Nigeria, Engr. Sa’eed Aina, during the 4th Eastern Region Jalsa Tarbiyyah in Warri, Delta State.


Governor Obaseki appreciates the theme of the conference and choice of presenters.


Obaseki who was represented by Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Comrade S. B Kadir, who appreciated the Jama’at for the two-day free medical exercise carried out by the Humanity First affiliate in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State .


Special Guests at the event include Commissioner of Police Edo State who was represented by Superintendent of Police, Mr Idris Onaido; Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Delta State; Hare Krishna; Jews leaders among others.

Mr. Bibhatsu Das (Hare Krishna); Mr Musa Bello (Director, Christian Association of Nigeria CAN) and Mr Monday Madukwe (Secretary CAN Delta State Branch), during the 4th Eastern Region Jalsa Tarbiyyah in Warri, Delta State.

Others are, Missionary-in-Charge of the Jama’at in Nigeria, Maulvi Afzal Rauf Sahib; Naib Amir (Deputy President) South West, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye; Founder Al Hassan Foundation and Naib Amir (Deputy President) Northern Region, Dr Yakeen Habeeb; former President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Alhaji Hassan Sunmonu; Sadr, Majlis Ansarullah (Elders Forum), Alhaji Abdul Waheed Adeoye; Sadr, Lajna Imaillah (Famale Group), Mrs Taofeeqah Fagbolade, AMJN General Secretary, Mr Abass Iromini; Sadr, (Youth Leader), Engineer Sa’eed Aina, Barr. R. A. Muhammad among others.

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