Nigeria @58: Nigeria Suffering From Home Based Colonialism – Senator Alimikhena

Senate Deputy whip Senator Francis Alimikhena has said Nigeria is suffering from the grip of home based colonialism of corruption that was inflicted on the nation by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) since 1999. “Some political elite and leaders conspired against the greatness of Nigeria and they are using their conspiracy to tear the nation apart. They became united in corruption and not for anything else.”


At 58 we must breakout from home based colonialism where few individuals suffocate the nation for their personal interest. They have recolonized Nigerians and drifted our sense of nationhood. Independence is a day of liberation and we must liberate the nation from the grip of political merchants.

The Buhari administration has emerged to delivered us from the shackles of internal colonialization which we were wrongly launched into by the PDP administration in 1999. “Since we cast off the shackles of colonialism we have never set for ourselves the tasked of building a just and humane nation by the PDP who launched us into this Democratic dispensation.”


“Nigerians were launch into a democracy where the PDP lead administration justify their short coming with an Unacceptable phrase “the Nigeria factor,” as if to be a Nigerian was to be corrupt. That home based colonialism by the opposition party became a toga for the justification for corruption. They never help in establishing integrity in the conduct of public affairs. Corruption was allowed to grow unchallenged and unchecked. That foundation has been internalize as an home based colonialism that the Buhari administration has been fighting.


“Nigeria gained independence from colonial masters into the hands of corrupt masters.
We must recapture the mood of honesty and optimism that characterized the new dawn of our independence 58 years ago. As a nation, let us rise above the era where government  forfeits the confidence of the people and their trust due to bad faith. “We must break away from the political orientation inherited from the PDP administration. “An orientation of self enrichment, pocket politics and break loss from the wrong school of thought where the masses believe that corruption is embedded in our life style. Corruption is not our culture and we must break out from that home based colonialism launched by the PDP. Corruption must no longer be seen as a way of life as we marked our independence.


He maintained that a glance back at the nonchalant attitude of the past to public accountability and financial recklessness will help Nigerians to appreciate the pioneering efforts of president Muhammadu Buhari administration in decolonizing Nigerians from the wrong political perspective into an era where every Nigerians has become the centre of development.


According to him, for us to fully realize our potentials as a nation, we must resolve to build a Nigeria where we compete for progress and development and not compete for our pocket. We must decolonized ourselves from seeing Nigeria as a farmland where everyone want to rule in order to grab. A truly public spirited person should be able to shun personal interest because true independence only comes when we shun sectional interest and petty bickering.


In a statement issued by his Media aide Benjamin Atu to mark the independence celebration the Deputy whip of the senate said, “Our peace and Unity is sacrosant and must not be traded away for parochial interest. The political union of Nigeria is destined to be perpetual and indestructible. APC administration has offered a dynamic leadership with home grown solution to our national challenges therefore we must not look like separate nation in One country.


Senator Alimikhena who expressed confidence that the yearning for vibrant economy will be realise said  Nigerians cannot yearn for a better president at 58 than President Muhammadu Buhari. With the right attitude Nigerians will overcome all her challenges. This is a time for all Nigerians to roll up their sleeves and support the federal government in the tasked of economic recovery. “We must form a coalition of helping hands where we help any government in power to succeed rather than pulling them down. ”


“We must collectively show commitment as a nation to protect the minority rights, mute ethnic tension, promote peaceful coexistence and ensure equal political participation in public sphere. Considering the fact that we have surmounted several obstacles in the past, Nigerians must remain optimistic that we can still surmount whatever challenge that we are facing today.”

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