NAHCON, State Muslim Pilgrims Boards, Others Begin 2019 Hajj Preparation

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON and State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards and Agencies have started preparation for next year’s Hajj in earnest.


To this end, a Committee has been set up, made up of NAHCON and some States Pilgrim Boards and Agencies officials to enter into negotiations with accommodation providers in Madinah and Makkah.


This was disclosed by the Yobe State Pilgrims Board Chairman, Engineer Mai Sanda at end of the review and stocktaking meeting between NAHCON and State Hajj Boards and Agencies held last night at the Commission headquarters in Makkah.


He said they have resolved to explore avenues to house the entire Nigerian Pilgrims in one cluster area in Makkah and closer to Haram like what obtained in recent years in Madinah.


Also speaking in a joint press briefing, the NAHCON Commissioner in charge of health matters Dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Kana said the meeting reviewed all health matters as they affected and continue to affect Nigerian Pilgrims during and after the just concluded Hajj exercise.


He stated that though there were some unpleasant health incidences and challenges, nonetheless  the situation this year, he said, was generally, mild compared to previous years.


Dr. Ibrahim Kana said the Federal Medical Team has resolved to continue operation until the last Nigerian Pilgrim leaves the holy land back to Nigeria.


The Commissioner further stated that a surveillance medical committee has been set up to monitor and to visit all hospitals, clinics and mortuaries to ensure that all Nigerian Pilgrims irrespective of their status of whether international Pilgrims or not, were fully accounted for.


Dr. Ibrahim Kana said Clinics in Madinah will immediately be reopened for Nigerian Pilgrims that might be visiting the Prophet City.


He confirmed that this year recorded lowest death rate of Nigerian Pilgrims in recent years, with twelve deaths so far.

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