Just In! Why OAU Management Handed Over Closed Mosques To Chief Imam – MSSN

On Sunday, 4th June, 2017, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Management sealed up the two mosques in Awolowo and Fajuyi Halls respectively with the aim of ensuring strict compliance to rules and regulations of the University and respect to constituted authorities. It is pertinent to recall that the two places of worship were originally designed and used as kitchens for Awolowo and Fajuyi Hall cafeteria before they were officially handed over to the Chief Imam, Prof. Abubakr A. Sanusi for Muslim faithful to worship.

The Chief Imam, who is the custodian of the two mosques, has on several occasions warned the Students of the grave consequences of converting the two mosques from its original purpose, to residential places for both male and female in exclusive male hostels. This is tantamount to disrespect to the constituted authority and a breach of condition on which the places were released to the Chief Imam as the custodian. This continuous unruly attitude not only precipitated the closure of the places but also the belligerent behavior of some Muslim Students forced the University management to take a decisive action till normalcy and sanity is returned in the University.


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Meanwhile, the leadership of MSSN OAU branch has been making arrangements for palliative measures that will afford Muslims students worshippers the maximum opportunity to practice their religion, especially in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Such palliatives include buses conveying students from residential area to the Central mosque for their daily prayers.


The leadership also hails the timely intervention of the UNIFEMGA to use the opportunity of the closure to renovate the two mosques which all Muslim students have been expecting for a very long period.


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Finally, the leadership of the Society appeals to all members to be patient, remain steadfast and be observant of the university directives. In the same vein, we call on the University management to open the mosques as soon as normalcy is ensured.

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