Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg On Mueller Probe: ‘I Think They May’ Have Something On Trump

Sam Nunberg, a former aide to Donald Trump, said Monday that he thinks special counsel Robert Mueller might have something on the president.
When asked whether Mueller’s team might have something on the president, former Nunberg told MSNBC, “I think they may.”
Nunberg’s bombshell came during a media blitz Monday as he told various outlets that he would refuse to comply with Mueller’s subpoena in the Russia probe.
Nunberg, who was an advisor on Trump’s 2016 campaign, told MSNBC that it would be “really funny” if Mueller arrested him for ignoring the grand jury subpoena. Laughing, he said that “my lawyer is about to dump me right now.”
Nunberg told MSNBC that Mueller’s team has been asking “did you hear Russian spoken in the Trump office?” and “did you hear about Trump Tower Moscow?”
The MSNBC interview came after the Washington Post published a story that cited Nunberg as saying he would refuse to comply with the subpoena. “Let him arrest me,” Nunberg told the newspaper. “Mr. Mueller should understand I am not going in on Friday.”
Nunberg said that he was refusing the special counsel “because what they sent me was absolutely ridiculous.”

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