Diplomat Robbed At Knife Point At Golden Tulip

When the Commissioner of Korea Customs, Mr Yung-Moon Kim, applied for a Ghanaian visa, which was granted, bought his ticket and sat in a plane en-route to Ghana, he was in high spirits especially when this was his first time of visiting Ghana, the first country in sub-Sahara Africa to have gained independence from colonial rule.


The nice impression he had about the country was, however, cut short when he came under a knife attack at no other place other than the Golden Tulip Hotel, a five-star hotel facility at the heart of Accra that should have boasted of modern security protection.


To save his life from being cut short by his assailant, he kowtowed to his dictates, and when the drama was over, huge sums of money plus his Korea passport had been taken away.


The assailant had reportedly knocked at the door of his victim, and thinking that it might be a staff of the hotel, he opened the door only for the assailant to pull a knife and threaten to stab him if he made any noise.


It was then that he demanded and seized both his money and passport.

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