CUPP Urges Caution As Schools Resume Nationwide Amid COVID-19 Surge

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…Calls for adequate preparation for students’ protection

…Advises parents to be vigilant




The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), has called on all relevant authorities and agencies responsible for the administration of schools in Nigeria to be proactive as exit students resume on Tuesday August 4, 2020 to prepare and sit for their West African Examinations Council (WAEC), after several months of schools’ closure due to the ravaging novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The coalition, in a statement made available to by its co-spokesman in Abuja, Comrade Mark Adebayo, persuaded the government, schools’ authorities, parents and guardians to be vigilant and do everything necessary to protect the students and ensure a stringent adherence to all prevention guidelines stipulated by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in and outside the schools’ premises.

The statement reads thus:

“As concerned parents and critical stakeholders in the future of Nigeria’s children, we find it necessary to remind the government at Federal and State levels and all the ministries and  agencies in charge of schools’ administration to pay careful attention to the welfare and safety of the students with a view to ensuring that all precautions are strictly adhered to and all necessary materials like soap, running water, nose masks, temperature testing kits, and sanitizers are provided in surplus quantities in every school across the country.

“We also call for effective collaboration between the education authorities and the NCDC, not only to ensure strict compliance to laid down precautions, including but not limited to social distancing, but also embark on massive enlightenment education for the students and pupils so that they can fully understand the importance of adhering to stipulated guidelines for Covid-19 prevention.

“It is necessary for the authorities to effectively monitor each school and certify all those who have complied as fit for reopening while those that need to improve be instructed on what need be done to be certified fit for reopening before being allowed to reopen. We further call on all ministries, agencies and parastatals in charge of schools to arrange for task force patrols that will go round schools to ensure and enforce compliance in all public and private schools that fall within the categories of the ones allowed to reopen for exit examinations.

“Parents and guardians are urged not to leave all the responsibilities to the government and education authorities alone, but must be fully involved to ensure that their children and wards’ schools’ environments are safe for them. All schools’ premises must be properly disinfected while sporting activities should be suspended in order to reduce mass contacts to the barest minimum among the students. Temperature testing kits must be supplied in adequate quantities to the schools and care must be taken that each student, teaching and non-teaching staff members are tested before accessing the schools’ premises.

“This is a clarion call from us as responsible citizens, parents and critical stakeholders. The CUPP will be monitoring reports of compliance levels and safety precautions put in place for the sake of these young Nigerians and hold the government responsible for any hiccups. The federal and state governments must ensure a hitch-free resumption and examination sittings of the students without any unpleasant incidents. This is not an issue to handle with shoddy preparation.  We wish our teeming students a huge success in their examinations and urge them to cooperate with their schools’ authorities by ensuring total compliance with the Covid-19 preventive measures intheir own interests,” the statement concluded.

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