Cristiano Ronaldo Is ‘The Greatest Ever’ – Trump

Donald Trump usually reserves the word “greatest” for his latest deal or appointment, but he has now bestowed it on Cristiano Ronaldo.


The US President was speaking about the Portugal forward during a meeting with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at the White House.


“They say he is the greatest player,” said Trump while discussing the qualities of the Real Madrid forward with De Sousa.


“So, tell me, how good a player is he?” asked Trump. “Are you impressed?”


“I’m very much impressed. He’s the best player [in] the world,” enthused De Sousa.


Ronaldo has scored four goals in Russia to help propel Portugal into the last-16 against Uruguay on Saturday.


“So will Christian [sic] ever run for president against you?” Trump asked Robelo de Sousa. “He wouldn’t win! You know he won’t win?


“Well, President, you know [there’s] something I must tell you,” replied Robelo de Sousa. “Portugal is not the United States. It’s a little different!”

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