COVID-19: PMB And His Govt Doesn’t Have Faith In Madagascar Herbal Vaccine, Says Timi Frank

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A political strategist and former Deputy Publicity Secretary, Timi Frank has blasted President Buhari’s Government for technically discarding Madagascar’s Herbal Vaccine that seems to be indigenous remedy for the deadly COVID-19 disease.

@MBuhari and his govt does not have Faith in Madagascar Herbal Vaccine because it’s not from China and other Western Allies that he’s benefiting from, that’s why he’s subjecting it to NAFDAC and other scrutiny. What a Shame! Africa lacks faith and believe in our own Products!”

He also urges all African leaders to always encourage our innovations and embrace our own ideas, instead of waiting for China and other western countries.

Africa must learn to embrace it’s own, so we don’t continue to be slaves to the Western World. I want to commend the likes of President @MagufuliJP,  @PaulKagame and other African leaders who are trying our own products from Africa. We need ourselves to grow….”

The Bayelsan political commentator also stressed on why President Buhari’s government does not embrace our own innovation.

“Prof. Maurice Iwu and Dr Abalaka once said they have a cure for the Virus; why can’t we invest on some research and try them out. We must learn to have faith in our own.”, Timi frank concludes.

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