How The Champions League Pots Are Shaping Up

The draw for the group stage of the 2019/20 Champions League will be made on August 29 in Monaco.

A total of 32 teams will be put into four pots before the draw takes place, with 26 clubs already qualified and eight still to be decided by the playoffs.

Pot one is made up of the Champions League holders Liverpool, Europa League winners Chelsea and the winners of the top six leagues in Europe.

Pot two consists of the eight teams with the highest UFEA coefficient such as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid .

With seven spaces already decided, Ajax will take the eighth spot if they make it through their playoff against APOEL . If the Dutch giants are knocked out, Lyonwill take their place in pot two.

Pots three and four are also decided by UEFA coefficient, with clubs with lower coefficients taking up the slots. Valencia will be in pot three, while Lokomotiv Moscow and Genk are still to find out which of the two lower pots they will be in.

Possible groups of death

The Spanish clubs could be dealt difficult groups depending on which pot they are in.

Barcelona could be placed alongside Tottenham, Inter and RB Leipzig .

Real Madrid and Atletico could both be put in the same group as Liverpool, Bayer Leverkusen and Atalanta.

Europa League

A total of 48 teams will compete in the Europa League, with teams organized into four different pots based on UEFA coefficient.

Sevilla will be in pot one alongside the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Roma and Porto .

Getafe will either be in pot two or three depending on who makes it through the playoffs while Espanyol still need to get past Zorya to qualify.

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