US Ambassador, Symington Speaks On ‘Great Corruption’

The United States ambassador to Nigeria, William Stuart Symington, has said that disregard for justice and rule of law was a more damning form of corruption than stealing of public funds.


Symington said this while responding to a question from the members of the audience after he delivered the convocation Lecture of the University of Ilorin, on Monday.


The US envoy spoke on the topic “Citizen Leadership and the Link between Economic Diversity and Democratic Good Governance.”


He said the task of making Nigeria is that of both the government and the citizenry.


Symington said that patriotism, and transparent service, justice, and consistency were important factors to development.


According to the envoy, “What many consider as the great corruption is stealing of money but what to me is the great corruption is when people are deprived justice, when you do things without regard to the rule of law.”


Speaking on the lecture, the US envoy said the process of making Nigeria great requires a collective effort of all the stakeholders with the citizens working with the government instead of only relying on government for an improved fortune.

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