Son ‘Buries His Father In A N34.3m BMW In Nigeria

A Nigerian man has buried his father in a brand new BMW instead of a coffin in order to see him off in style in the local village graveyard.


The wealthy son, identified only as Azubuike, lost his father, to old age but according to local reports had always promised him one day he would have a flash car.


So after he passed away in the remote village of Ihiala, Nigeria, Azubuike is reported to have splashed out £66,000 equivalent of (N34, 320, 000: 00) naira cash on a car from the showroom to bury his father in.


An incredible photo taken at the funeral shows the enormous car being lowered into a huge grave dug six feet deep by hand in the village.


The picture has gone viral on social media as pallbearers reportedly guided it down logs into position and then the logs were pulled out to allow the BMW to drop.


Locals quipped that the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his way to the pearly gates.


However, many on Facebook were angered at the waste of money and said it could have been put to better use.


Obienice Mohale wrote: ‘This is the sort of thing that keeps us poor as black people’.


Calvin Cal Diamean said:’Insanity and selfishness regardless of that fact that is your cash.’

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