Despite Over 735,000 Cases, 40, 000 Deaths, US Faced With Protests Amid Pressure To Reopen

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Protesters have taken to the streets in states across the US, demanding that governors reopen economies shut by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rallies took place on Sunday in Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Washington state, following earlier protests in other states. Most of the crowds numbered in the low hundreds.

Agitation for easing restrictions has grown, despite the risk of a surge in infections should the country be reopened too soon.

US President Donald Trump has signalled support for the protests, and more are expected to be held later today.

The US has become the epicentre of the COVID-19 crisis, with over 735,000 cases and some 40,000 deaths. But signs have emerged that it is reaching the apex of the outbreak and that infection rates are slowing.

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