Ahmadis Should Care About Saving The World From Falling Into The Pit Of Fire – Huzoor

The Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V, has enjoined all Ahmadis to care about saving the world from falling into the pit of fire

Huzoor stated this when he presided on the Lajna ( Ladies) session on the second day of the 53rd Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention)  of the Islamic organization.

Huzoor graciously presented awards to more than 115 Ahmadi women for the accomplishment of academic excellence across various fields of education, these include UK and achievers from other parts.

After Tashahud, Ta’awuz and the recitation of Surah Fatihah, Huzoor recited verse 21 of Surah al-Hadid (chapter 57) and verse 19 of Surah al-Hashr (section 59), followed by their translations.

Huzoor said that he had gotten reports of women talking during Jalsa Salana sessions. He said that they ought to be careful not to talk among themselves during formal sessions later on.

The fifth Khalifa of the community at that point read his speech:

“People do not believe in religion and even those who do are of very low standards faith.

“Ahmadis should care about saving the world from falling into the pit of fire, however, first we should ask ourselves if our own condition is such that we give preference to the love of Allah before the world.

“The purpose of this Jalsa is to develop our spiritual, moral and educational conditions. We must ask ourselves whether these are the purposes we have come for or whether we are here for socialising only?

Referring to the Quranic verses recited at the start, Huzoor said that Allah reveals to us that the world is temporary and we ought not think it is to keep going forever. Allah has declared that the world is a mere pastime and sport. Can an intelligent man spend his whole life in leisure and games? In worldly terms, this is not possible and if one does this, then their lives ultimately result in ruin.

Huzoor said that some ladies write to him and inform him regarding their spouses who sit around idly sitting in front of the TV or in get-togethers and depend on social income for financial sport. Huzoor said that they have no genuine explanation behind this, and accordingly, they cause restlessness and discord within their homes.


“Allah says that if we do not fulfil the rights of Allah, His worship, serving faith and are totally engrossed in earning wealth, then this will be the sport and pastime of the world.

Addressing the audience, Huzoor said that if women really do pose such demands, then they should remember that this is not how an Ahmadi woman should be. Ahmadi women should clearly say to their husbands, that leaving faith for the world is wrong and not something she wants. An Ahmadi woman should clearly state that they want to fulfil the rights of God rather than attaining worldly objects.

After we pass on to the next abode, Allah will not question us on how much wealth we left behind or the number of children we brought up. He will ask us about our good actions, whether we fulfilled His rights, whether we presented a good example before our children. He will ask us whether wives told their husbands to prefer Allah over the world. If a believer does not do so, then they will be like that hot gust of wind that razes crops to the ground.

Huzoor reiterated that these teachings are not just for women, but they are for all believers, including men.

During the time of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the excuses of men about their wives were of such a nature that they would say, “My wife spends her whole time in worship and overlooks my needs.” And if women ever complained, they would inform the Holy Prophetsa that they did not take care of their own beauty as their husbands spent their time in worship alone. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w), would advise men and women to fulfil the rights of their spouses along with worship.

The female companions would beautify themselves not for fashion or to show the world, rather they did so to create a pure atmosphere within their household.

Thereafter, Huzoor proceeded to the men’s marquee to lead Zuhr and Asr prayers at approximately 2:15pm.

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