Unreturning Lawmakers ‘Evacuate’ Personal Belongings From National Assembly As Staff Mock Them

It was a sober reflection on the premises of National Assembly complex Abuja on friday as lawmakers who lost elections in their various constituencies evacuated their personal belongings from their offices.


Some of the staff were seen in group discussing the inglorious exit of the senators and members of House of Representatives while others were making jest of them and gloating over their misfortune.


One of the staff who pleaded not to be named said many of them were so much intoxicated with power, while it lasted, in such a way that they saw themselves as tin-gods with the positions they occupied.


He admonished the new lawmakers not to be carried away with the allure of power or trappings of public office but to put citizens who elected them into the position of authority first.


Recall that many federal lawmakers including senate President, Bukola Saraki lost their seats during the Presidential and National Assembly election on 23rd February 2019.

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