Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough


Scientists have created a new pill that can halt type 2 diabetes in its tracks and help patients shed pounds from their waistlines, a major study has revealed.



Results from a human trial of 632 patients found semaglutide allowed 71 per cent of them to shed pounds – it is believed this is the first type 2 diabetes pill to instigate weight loss.



Researchers hope semaglutide will offer a better way to control the hidden killer, as some treatments currently available can trigger unexpected weight gain which fuels type 2 diabetes.



Results from the phase II trial carried out by the Leicester Diabetes Centre were published in the prestigious JAMA. Semaglutide could be available on the NHS within three years.



The pill was handed as an add-on to patients already taking Metformin – the drug is the first line of defence to control the preventable condition.



Researchers discovered semaglutide stopped type 2 diabetes in its tracks, slashed blood sugar levels and prevented patients from needing insulin.

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