Trump Touts Environmental Policies, But Says Nothing Of Climate Change

President Trump touted his environmental successes in a speech from the White House on Monday that focused heavily on his steering of the economy and help for the nation’s energy sector, and that didn’t include the phrase “climate change” once.


Flanked by Cabinet heads from the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Interior Department, Trump said he alone had proved that job creation and environmental protection could go hand in hand.


“For years politicians told Americans that a strong economy and vibrant energy sector were incompatible with a healthy environment, that one thing doesn’t go with the other,” he said. “And that’s wrong.”


Much of the speech addressed environmental issues as a footnote to his efforts on energy, but argued that growth in energy and a clean environment could build on one another.


“We’re unlocking American energy and the United States is now a net exporter of clean, reliable American gas,” Trump said.


Since entering the White House, Trump has rolled back EPA regulations on methane, replaced an Obama-era rule regulating power plants emissions and suggested weakening vehicle fuel standards.


He has also proposed easing a major Obama-era rule protecting waterways.

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