Trump Says He “Would’ve Been Honored” To Serve In Vietnam War

President Trump has said he “would not have minded” at all serving in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. Mr. Trump avoided the U.S. military draft in place during the war by getting a medical deferment for bone spurs.


Before attending commemoration ceremonies in England and France marking the 75th anniversary of the World War II D-Day invasion by Allied forces, Mr. Trump was asked by British broadcaster Piers Morgan whether he wished he could have served in the Vietnam War.


The president told Morgan he was “never a fan” of the war, calling Vietnam a country that “nobody had ever heard of” in 1960s America before the conflict began.


But he said he would have been happy and honored to have served.


“I would not have minded that at all. I would’ve been honored, but I think I make up for it right now,” Mr. Trump told Morgan.


“I think I’m making up for it rapidly because we’re rebuilding our military at a level that it’s never seen before.”

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