Trump To Reporter: ‘I Know You’re Not Thinking, You Never Do’

Attacking the media is about as routine for President Donald Trump as knotting his tie, but he got especially personal Monday during a Rose Garden press conference to announce his new trade deal with Mexico and Canada.


The president directly insulted one reporter, refused to answer questions about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh until he was done taking queries on trade, and called the media “loco.”


After calling on ABC News’ Cecilia Vega for a question, Trump said, “She’s shocked that I picked her. Like in a state of shock.”


Vega responded, “I’m not, thank you, Mr. President.”


“That’s ok. I know you’re not thinking, you never do,” Trump replied.


“I’m sorry?” Vega asked. When she then tried to ask a question about Kavanaugh, Trump cut her off, asking instead for a question on trade.

She eventually complied with a trade query, and Trump returned to her later in the news conference to let her ask her Kavanaugh question.

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