The Boxer Rebellion Has Come Home To Roost By Abu Bakr Ladd

60,070!!!  Sixty thousand and seventy is the number of Americans who died last year from heroin and opioid addiction.



That is indeed a staggering number. What makes this number even more interesting is that the majority of these deaths are from among all sectors of white society in America.  Rich, poor, middle class.  And the majority of these addicts are between the ages of 17 – 25.



The television programs are filled with concerned and solicitous adverts offering counseling and drug treatments in caring and healing environments.  The US Congress is holding hearings and trying to find solutions to this disturbing and vexing problems.  It is one thing to lock up Black boys and girls, who are seen as filthy drug addicts and not deserving of any sympathy or treatment, but the children of middle America need help and are not criminals, but rather have a “disease” and should be treated with loving care and compassion.



America, the home of the free and the brave has more people in prison than any other nation on earth.  In excess of 2 million.  And every fifth person is in prison for a non-violent drug offense.



A tremendous number of young white people in America today, seem to be in pain. Pain so intense that only the total numbing of the body and mind, even unto death seems to placate them.



How did all this come about?



Sometime in the late 1800s the Prime Minister of England said, “I am in fear of God’s Judgement upon England for our national inequity towards China”.  And God’s Judgement was not to long in coming. By the end of 1945 England’s “Empire upon which the sun never set” was confined back to that windy, wind swept island in the North Sea.  But between 1730 when England shipped 15,000 kilos of opium to China and around 1820-30 when she shipped 1,800,000 kilos annually, the British people and it’s government were not concerned about God’s Judgement. Tea and silver was flowing into Britain and the addiction and moral degradation of the Chinese people was of no concern to Whitehall. An appropriate name for that seat of government.



Various Chinese Administrations tried in vain to prevent the poisoning of their people, but were unable to resist the modern arms of the West. In 1842 under the so called Treaty of Nanking, the Chinese government was forced to surrender Hong Kong to the British as well as some other territories in order to allow the European nations (America, Germany, France and others) to impose their immoral will upon the Chinese people.  Finally, in 1901, a local Chinese groups known as the “Boxers” rose up to try to rid their country of these invaders, but again they were not able to overcome the technological superiority of Western firepower.



This use of drugs as a means of commerce, elicit or otherwise raised its ugly face again in modern times. There is a famous picture in Life magazine in 1957 somewhere in the Catskill mountains of New York were the Sicilian mafia dons held a meeting and agreed to sell heroin.  But only to the African Americans!  And for many years, the only place in America where you could buy heroin would be New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, LA and the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area.   Of course today you can find it in Springfield, Missouri and Lost Creek, West Virginia and I suspect in Warri and Lagos.



During the Vietnam War, CIA operatives helped native warlords smuggle opium and heroin to fund their private armies. Research the Golden Triangle. American soldiers had a smuggling operation where they would hide heroin inside the empty cadavers of dead GI’s. I’m not making this up. Do your own research.  Rogue elements within the various Clandestine services soon understood that if you needed OFF the Books funding that drugs was the way to go.



The title of this article is based upon a statement made by the late Al Hajj Malik Shabazz, otherwise known to the world as Malcolm X. When President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 Malcolm famously said “that the chickens have come home to roost”.  His meaning at that time was that as the USA had sent the CIA to murder the duly elected leaders of various countries with which the USA did not agree; for example Iran in 53, Guatemala, Chile, Congo, and others, so now these same people had used that technique of assasination to remove one of their own with whom they disagreed.



So as soon as the people of Nicaragua elected someone who was against the interests of American corporations, Ronald Reagan sent in the CIA.  However, on Oct 5, 1986, a C123 aircraft was shot down by the Nicaraguan government and the lone survivor, Eugene Hasenfus, confessed that he was a CIA contractor. Upon finding this out, the majority of the US Congress who did not know that US government forces were fighting in the jungles of Central America, the Congress passed a law called the Bolan Amendment which banned funds for overthrowing the Nicaraguan government.



The CIA now had a problem because they had over 20,000 local fighters in the bush, who needed water, food, medical aid, ammo and pay every few days or weeks. How to fund them now that government funds were cut off?



COCAINE. In the 1960’s and 70’s cocaine was a very expensive drug selling for thousands of dollars per ounce and available only to movie stars and NBA basketballers and other rich people. However, the CIA had a fellow by the name of Barry Seal, as well as other minor actors, who knew how to bring cocaine into the United States.  Incidentally, this Barry Seal was the previous owner of the C123 that was shot down in Nicaragua and eventually wound up in the possession of Oliver North who made use of it to fly supplies to the “Contras”.  Now this Barry Seal had a base in Mena, Arkansas, and it is reported by local people that a young governor used to meet him at the airport in Mena, in the company of Arkansas State troopers.  But it’s a long sordid tale for which we don’t have time here, but you can find it out at…The Crimes of Mena



Air America, that famous American Airline also was known to frequent Mena.  In any case,… You know what happened next.  First it was kilos of coke, then tons and next thing you know the cities of Black America are awash with crack cocaine on every block.  Even Lagos saw its share of crack use.  This started a big prison industry boom,  because the Black drug addicts needed to be locked up and put away for many years and the States and Federal government could not build prisons and jails fast enough. Small white towns competed with themselves to build prisons and provide jobs for locals.  “The prison industrial complex was born.



But as my wife always says, “God don’t like ugly”!  Next comes Afghanistan. According to the US government, Osama bin Laden and 19 Arab boys, defeated the entire US Aviation network, seized 4 Jumbo Jets with box cutters and managed to destroy two 100 story towers, so much so, that these concrete and steel towers evaporated into dust!   And, later that evening, at 5:21 pm a 47 story government building, also steel and concrete known as World Trade Center No 7 collapsed into its own footprint, because the owner, one Larry Silverstein, told the “Fire Marshall” to “pull” the building.



Israeli “experts” immediately said that it was Osama bin Laden that did it.  President Bush demanded that Afghanistan turn bin Laden over to the USA to be punished.  The Leader of Afghanistan said, “yes”, “ if you give us some evidence that he is responsible we will certainly turn him over to you as he has violated our trust, but since he is our guest, we cannot turn him over to you unless you give us proof’’ Needlessly to say, up to today no proof has been presented.  In fact the FBI has never found any evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11.



So with the help of the USA the Northern Warlords drove the Taliban into the mountains and into Pakistan and the poppy fields that had been eliminated under the rule of the Taliban, now came back with a vengeance!  Suddenly, heroin was everywhere in America.  Additionally, the big pharmaceutical companies were creating and distributing synthetic painkillers even more powerful than heroin.  And for reasons that will be better understood in the future, young white kids began to turn to heroin and painkillers.  And so now about 175 white kids die everyday from drug overdoses.  President Trump has declared a “Opiate Epidemic”.



There is a German saying, ‘wer anderen eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein’.  Who digs a hole or a trap for others falls into it themselves.

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