Spain: Socialists Win But No Majority – Exit Polls

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The Socialist party of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has won the country’s third general election in four years, exit polls suggest, but may struggle to form a government.


The governing party polled 28.1%, well ahead of its rivals, according to public broadcaster RTVE.


The opposition Popular Party is set for its worst ever result, with 17.8%.


Far-right party Vox is expected to enter parliament for the first time, with a predicted 12.1% of the vote.


Vox opposes multiculturalism, feminism and unrestricted migration, and Mr Sánchez has presented himself as a bulwark against the advance of the hard right.


Five national parties are for the first time competing for a share of power and the exit polls have been inaccurate in the past.


Left-wing Podemos was predicted to get 16.1% while the Centre-right Citizens was on 14.4%, TVE said.

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