No Collapse In China Trade Talks, Tariff War ‘A Little Squabble’, Says Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that trade talks with China have not collapsed and called the widening U.S.-China tariff war “a little squabble,” even as his administration readies 25% duties on all remaining Chinese imports.


Expanding on a stream of optimistic early morning tweets about the state of talks, Trump told reporters that he has a “very good dialogue” going with China and touted his “extraordinary” relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


“We have a dialogue going. It will always continue,” Trump said. “But we made a deal with China … We had a deal that was very close but then they broke it. They really did.”


Trump earlier tweeted that a deal would happen and appealed to China to buy U.S. farm products.


Stocks, which took a beating on Monday after Trump late on Friday threatened a new round of tariffs on about $300 billion worth of remaining imports from China, gained strength after Trump’s comments.

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