Multiple Fatalities At Two Locations In NZ After Mass Shooting And Situation Ongoing, With One Suspect In Custody

New Zealand police confirmed that there have been multiple fatalities at two locations on Christchurch – one mosque on Dean’s Road and one on Linwood Avenue.


The police said one suspect is in custody, but that the situation is still ongoing and it is an active shooter situation.


Commissioner Mike Bush said it was a “very serious and grave situation” and warned people not to leave their homes.


“Close your doors until you hear from us again,” said Bush.


“One of New Zealand’s darkest days”, said the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She called it “an unprecedented act of violence.


She calls the victims, some of whom may have been migrants or even refugees to New Zealand were part of their community – “they are us,” she says.


She says the perpetrator “is not”, and there is no place in New Zealand society for violent attacks like this.


Ardern was asked if she would describe this attack as a hate crime, she says: “I would describe it as an unprecedented act of violence.”

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