Messi To Inter? Barcelona Legend Father, Jorge Buys A House In Milan

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There is a rumour doing the rounds in Italy that Lionel Messi’s father is preparing the Barcelona hero for a transfer to Inter after purchasing a home in Milan.

It first emerged on Radio Rai, then Tuttomercatoweb and found its way on to the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport.

There is some truth to it, namely that Messi’s father Jorge is purchasing a house in Italy, specifically in Milan.

This inevitably is going to spark the old speculation that Inter are still determined to bring Messi to San Siro, having tried when he was still a teenager.

La Pulga is increasingly frustrated with Barcelona’s leadership and transfer strategy, while this would allow him to continue his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A.

However, Sky Sport Italia point out the reason Jorge Messi is moving to Milan is purely a financial one, hoping to benefit from the large tax breaks that a 2017 law provides for rich foreigners who come to the Peninsula.

Of course, one could argue that same law would be very beneficial for Lionel Messi if he were to move to Italy too.

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