‘Like Vultures Feed Off Carrion’ – Neymar Sr. Slams Son’s Critics After PSG No-show

Neymar Sr. has slammed his son’s critics after the Paris Saint-Germain star failed to live up to expectations in Wednesday’s Champions League reverse to Real Madrid.

The Brazilian showed glimpses of his best form in the 3-1 defeat, but was marshalled efficiently by Nacho as two late goals helped the Merengue over the finishing line.

But according to his father, Neymar is dogged by people who are keen to see him fall, comparing his critics to “vultures” in a lengthy social media outburst.

“In a war there are those who feed off victories and there are those who, like vultures, feed from the carrion of the defeated,” Neymar Sr, who also acts as the player’s agent, fired on Instagram.

“They do nothing, they produce nothing, they live off the limelight or, more often, off the struggles of their ‘prey’.

“But remember: We lost a battle, not the war. My son’s ‘war’ has been going on since he was a kid, always fighting the good fight, always dodging the vultures, always being reborn stronger!”

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