At Last! Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un, Hold Private Meeting

President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea held the first-ever meeting between leaders of their two countries on Tuesday morning in Singapore, getting together without any aides as they tried to end seven decades of hostility and the threat of a nuclear confrontation.


Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim walked toward each other and shook hands before the president put his hand on Mr. Kim’s shoulder before a bevvy of cameras capturing the historic moment.


They then went into their private meeting with only interpreters present before emerging less than an hour later for a second gathering, this time with aides.


At stake in the meeting is the American goal of ridding North Korea of its nuclear arsenal, Mr. Kim’s desire to remove American weapons from the Korean Peninsula and to be recognized as a player on the world stage, and the international desire to ease the North’s provocations, poverty and extreme isolation.

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