Lagos Palliatives: ‘Yerima’s Outburst On Sanwo-Olu, Promotion Of Beggary Culture’

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A pan Lagos non-governmental outfit, Lagos Peace Movement (LPM), has condemned in its entirety, the outburst of the President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Mallam Yerima Shettima on the Lagos Governor Babjide Sanwo-Olu over the distribution of COVID-19 palliative in the state.

Yerima, in a widely published press statement signed accused the Lagos State administration under Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of marginalization against the Arewa Community in Lagos State in the way the palliatives were being distributed to the resident.

Reacting to the allegation, the Movement in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Comrade Adekunle Adeosun, described the allegation as, “arrant nonsense, myopic, disappointing and promotion of beggary culture that every region in the country is trying to bury.

Adeosun reminded Shettima that, even in the north where Almajiri culture is misconstrued to be the norm, governors in that region are already mopping up Almajiri’s and deporting them back to their states of origin within the same north, condemning the AYCF boss of trying to reverse the hands of the clock in the 21st century.

The youth leader advised Yerima to appreciate the state and continue to enjoy its hospitality guaranteed him for about 20 years now instead of trying to bite the fingers that have been feeding him all this while.

Adeossun wondered how somebody who should praise the administration and support it in its efforts at fighting the unconventional war against the coronavirus should behave like a kindergarten pupil who is unaware of the enormity of the problem at hand!

“If our friend, Yerima and his cohorts appreciate the enormity of the trouble the whole world is in, he would not have descended to this abysmal level of pettiness, un thoughtfulness parochiarism,” the Movement’s spokesman declared.

However, the group tried to put the record straight by reminding Yerima that, the northerners in the state have been finding their stay robust and enjoyable, asserting that, “the peaceful co-existence being enjoyed by all and sundary cannot be found anywhere besides Lagos.”

In addition, Adeosun queries that, if the Arewa Community in Lagos are marginalized, how come a frontline ministry of waterfront’s slot was allocated to them? saying, Honourable Commissioner of Waterfront, Alhaji Kabiru Ahmed is a respectable member of the Arewa Community who is roundly loved by the elders of the Arewa Community in Lagos.

If truly Yerima is a National Leader of his group, Adeosin continued, he should have reached out to the Federal Government by way of advice, cooperation, assistance and support on how the pandemic could be fought and conquered rather than struggling for grumps that can never go round everybody.

“The fact still remains that; no ethnic community in the state would say every member of the tribe has got the palliatives because it cannot go round. And even in view of that, records have shown that the Arewa Community Yerima claims to be fighting for have had their own fair portion of the palliatives. We therefore, challenge Yerima to show us proof of how he has been of any help for the community that houses hin in Oshodi or/and beyond,” the statement queried.

In conclusion, Yerima was cautioned keep his calm if he has nothing tangible to offer to the government that is doing well towards moving the state forward, he should not cause the administration unnecessary detraction, arguing that, Sanwo-Olu’s team needs to have their eyes on the ball.

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