Kasim Afegbua: An Empty Vessel With The Loudest Noise, A Social Media Politician Without Value 

By Victor Oyakhilome



There is a saying that “Silence is the best answer given to a fool”. In as much as I would have loved to ignore the foolishness of Kasim Afegbua, a political sycophant who is seeking political relevance by all means, but for him not to mislead the public with his unguided and inexperienced statements and public nuisance, and simply because in a just society, silence is a crime, hence, my response and advice to him. If we are talking of people who are politically oriented or men of political heavyweight in our contemporary society, I so much believe that Kasim Afegbua will not be qualified to come last on the list. This is a man who has never won his unit all his life. Someone who doesn’t even know what it takes to win a class Rep election in a secondary school. A political coward who can not even boast of two followers in the whole of Edo state. Self acclaimed politician who is worthless both inwardly and outwardly.

In a sane society, can someone like Kasim Afegbua be allowed to be 50 metre close to where men of timber and calibres are dinning politically. I think before someone can come out publicly to run his mouth publicly just as Kasim Afegbua has been doing, he should possess some attributes or characteristics that would make people to take him serious, otherwise, he will be wasting his time.

If I may ask, with what can Kasim Afegbua be taken serious as far as Edo governorship election is concerned. Someone who doesn’t have followers or loyalists in real life. A self acclaimed politician who has never won an election in his unit all his life. Someone  without remarkable legacy in his community, still yet he comes out publicly to rant in ignorance and pride.

Let me be frank with you Kasim Afegbua, you can only deceive yourself because no reasonable Edo person would listen to an empty vessel like you who makes the loudest noise. I will advise you to use your time and work on yourself politically. What I mean is this, make sure you indulge in the activities that will make people see your worth because if you were relevant as you claimed, you wouldn’t be ranting on social media before you can be noticed.

Kasim Afegbua is a social media politician whose political activities end on a television talkshow. You think we are in the era where you only make noise on television or other social media platform and thereafter you go to sleep expecting to win an election or for someone to hold you in high esteem.

Because you take politics to be social media affair, that’s is the reason you have never won your unit during an election and the more reason you can never boast of two percent of the total votes if by chance you contest a position in your unit today. I want to ask you some questions.

Kasim Afegbua, if men who can shake walls and move crowd politically are called upon, what position would you appear? If men with technical-know-how who know and have what it takes to win an election are called out, where will you be? If men of reasonability and not social media noise makers are singled out, will you in anyways be among? Can you tell us the attributes you possess politically that you feel we should take you serious in this contemporary society? As far as I’m concerned, you are  someone who is wallowing in ignorance and deceit seeking cheap popularity and political relevance where you can never have it.

If at all anybody must take you serious, you need to go and work so that next time you can at least  boast of 40% of voters in your unit which is not even a pass mark. If not, you will continue to cry till the end of the world and nobody will hear you out.

Maybe you think we are in the era of television politics because your political activities only end on television program that’s is the reason you have never won your unit during election and the more reason you can’t boast of two percent of the total votes if you eventually contest an election.

Sometimes, I begin to imagine if you actually think before to say some things publicly. You now see yourself bigger than every other members in the party whom without, decision can not be taken. Pride goes before a fall. Your pride will lead you to political doom soonest if you do not have a rethink and make your ways right. If you were actually relevant as you claimed on social media, you wouldn’t have to cry out before people will hear you out. I want to tell you that you can never be a deciding factor of who becomes Edo state Governor.

Finally, a word is enough for the wise. Thank you.



Comr. Victor Oyakhilome

SSA to Edo State Governor on Diaspora Matters

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