Indonesia Plane Crash Search Finds Remains, Debris At Sea

Search and rescue personnel worked through the night to find victims of the Lion Air plane crash in Indonesia, sending 24 body bags to identification experts as the airline flew dozens of grieving relatives to the country’s capital.


The 2-month-old Boeing jet crashed into the Java Sea early Monday, just minutes after taking off from Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board.


The National Search and Rescue Agency said Tuesday that 10 intact bodies, as well as body parts, had been recovered. President Joko Widodo had ordered the search and rescue effort to continue through the night.


The disaster has reignited concerns about safety in Indonesia’s fast-growing aviation industry, which was recently removed from the European Union and U.S. blacklists.


Data pinged from the Boeing 737 Max 8 showed erratic speed, altitude and direction in the minutes after takeoff.


Safety experts cautioned, however, that the data must be checked for accuracy against the plane’s so-called black boxes if they are recovered.

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