German Police Evacuate Part Of Frankfurt Airport As Woman Breach Security

A police deployment in Frankfurt airport has lead to the partial evacuation of a terminal building and the immediate closure of some gates.

Police cleared a security check area in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday afternoon and urged passengers to follow the instructions of officers on the ground.

The Bundespolizei confirmed to DPA that at least one person managed to enter the boarding area without going through proper security checks at around 11.15am. By 11.30am all boarding had been stopped in area A of Terminal 1.

In late July police cleared two terminals at Munich Airport leading to 330 flight cancellations and at least €1 million in lost revenue for the airport.

The evacuation was commenced after a woman passed through the security area without being stopped by personnel there.

European flight law stipulates that police must evacuate and search an area of an airport if they cannot rule out that a risk to flight safety might exist.

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