DOPT Under Ayade Producing The Results That Make Its Relevant

The administration of Governor Ben Ayade has transformed the  Department of Public Transportation, (DOPT ) and made the agency more meaningful to the lives of Cross Riverians.


Under Ayade, DOPT is producing results that have made its relevance more glaring to the socio-economic development of the state.


DOPT in the  past five months under the leadership of Comrade Godwin Nyiam initiated and implemented several measures in safeguarding lives and transforming the physical outlook of Calabar to an enviable  status which has made the department’s existence relevant.


The department under the present dispensation, since assuming office on 1st December 2018,  has risen to its responsibility as the watchdog for safety of lives and smooth traffic on the roads in the state.


Within this short time frame, Comrade Nyiam as the Director General of the department has introduced many changes and innovations  to the management of traffic on major streets and highly populated areas earningaccolades and commendation from residents and visitors alike.


The DOPT within this period ensured the removal of garbage clogging drains on major streets and markets to ensure smooth traffic flow of rain water. Also, traders who turned roadside and median kerbs to stalls and shops on which they display their wares have been dislodged making way for free flow of traffic. Areas like Watt Market, Calabar road, Bedwell street, Goldie, Marian Market, University of Calabar mini gate which usually experience chaotic traffic scenes are now orderly and makes for smoot traffic.


In addition to the aforementioned, the DOPT has sought and received the approval of our dear Digital Governor, Senator Professor Ben Ayade for the construction of a central motor  park on the outskirts of the city with well equipped facilities like medical centre, police post and chalets to provide accommodation to travellers and motorists who arrive the city late or whose businesses end at the park.


Within this same five months, despite not having any revenue collection subhead, the DOPT has introduced special mayors to carryout specific traffic duties in the Vehicle Inspection unit of the department. This is alongside opening a new VIO office in Akpabuyo Local Government.


The department has also ensured the regular removal of abandoned trucks and vehicles on our roads by towing them away to make for free traffic flow.


These numerous achievements have endeared the department to the hearts of many and earned the state governor and its DG some accolades. Only recently, the Hausa community in Calabar commended him for making Bogobiri free from traffic congestion and the Chairman of Private Park Owners, Mr Archibong Orok and Highway Drivers Union secretary, Mr Mike Togun have also expressed their joy with the work of the department whom they call, “new DOPT”.


The department has extended its closing time to 7 pm conscious of the fact that peak traffic hours are in the evening. This is alongside working at weekends.


With all these strings of achievements, within such a short period, it will be fair to say Ayade is working and the  DOPT has made more efforts towards fulfilling the mandate it was created for in its over twelve years of existence.


The governor of the state deserves encomiums for the support he is offering the department, especially, by appointing a workaholic administrator, Comrade Nyian as its head. Governor Ayade is a  man who is  ever ready to do his best for Cross River  and has the  capacity to identify individuals  to help him  actualise the vision of making Cross River great.

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