COVID 19: No Alternative To Preventive Measures For Containment – Activist

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President of a pro-democracy organization, Youth Advocacy Initiative (YAI), Comrade Adekunle Adeosun has warned people residing in Lagos that, there is no alternative to abiding by the preventive measures put down by the state government to curb the menace of coronavirus ravaging the whole world.


Adeosun, in a statement in Lagos stated that, it was in line with that awareness that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has spelt out the preventive measures to be observed strictly to stay safe and remain alive and well, reminding for the umpteenth times that, “there is no alternative to containing the spread of the dreaded coronavirus than strict adherence to the preventive measures already put in place by the government.


While stressing that, anything contrary would amount to undermining the Sanwo-Olu’s good gesture towards keeping his people safe, well and alive, Adeosun expressed disappointment at the lackadaisical attitudes of some Lagos residents since the partial ease granted the people from the stay at home order, reminding that, the only known containment strategy, for now, is keeping indoors and observance of all the preventive steps if there is need to be on the street.


The concerned activist was irked by the negative conducts of the people towards the government’s efforts at trying to protect them, wondering why the people who are so lucky to have Sanwo-Olu as their governor not reciprocating correspondingly to his good gesture to see them survive!


The youth leader, however, commended Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu and his team for doing the needful consistently for the wellbeing of their people, urging the people to fall in line so that the administration’s efforts would not end up as an exercise in futility.


The daily increase in the spread of the disease according to Adeosun, is demoralising, disheartening and disturbing, stressing that, “since we are all aware that the disease is real and contagious, all hands are supposed to be on deck with the government to see to its end promptly because of its high rate of fatality.”




He wondered what was found difficult in observing simple instructions like keeping Social Distancing, wearing of face masks, washing of hands with soap regularly, keeping away from crowded places and observing normal hygienic routines for the sake of survival, safety and staying alive!


Adeosun, therefore, appealed to the people not to Governor Sanwo-Olu frustrated but should be desired support, needed encouragement and commendation for doing well; pointing out that, any untoward attitude about the menace would only spell doom and do nobody good.

President of a pro-democracy organization, Youth Advocacy Initiative (YAI), Comrade Adekunle Adeosun




The group leader, who is not unaware of the understandable anxiety of those undergoing treatment, however, warned them not to take their anxiety too far to erode the government’s gains, achievement and set objectives, stressing the need for cooperation and acts of patriotism that would further enhance the government’s achievement.


Adeosun also has a word for members of the opposition parties who he enjoined to team up with the governor to succeed in the onerous task of keeping the disease at bay in Lagos State in particular and the whole country in general, warning that, destructive criticism can only detract the administration and thus cause more harms than good to the good people of the state.


On the willing donors from within and abroad, Adeosun pleaded they should put Lagos State on the priority list because of its strategic location as the entry point to the country, suggesting that, the Federal Government should also kindly provide all the required support for Lagos as a relief for Sanwo-Olu to succeed in his relentless efforts at achieving a safer Gateway to the country.

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