A Clarion Call To Nigerians, Wake And Make History In 2019 Election

The 2019 general election is just few weeks from now and I’m sure every Nigerians who will be casting their votes already have a party they are rooting for. Even though I know that we all are entitled to our choice, I still want to open our eyes to some places we might not be looking at right now.


Its not a disputable fact to say that we have two dominant party in the upcoming election but my question is do you only have two bad choices in the upcoming election? Capital Noooooo

The dominant party have considered themselves as the big guns in Nigerian political system who would always be at the helm of affairs to dictate the tune for us at all cost which at the end yields no positive impacts to the nation at large. This time we must prove them wrong and put them to shame.


From the inception of Nigeria until now, the country has been ruled by this same set of people and yet they keep deceiving youths that they are the leaders of tomorrow and yet keep recycling this old thieves. When will that ever materialize?


Nigeria as a country started off with some other countries after been set free form colonial masters but today those countries have done more exploits compared to what is happening in Nigeria today. The truth remains that our leaders are selfish and will never be at our interest but their greedy interest.


Nigeria and India begun their strive to independent almost the same era but as the universe would have it India got their independence before Nigeria, 1947 to be precise while Nigeria in 1960 but today you can not compare the feats they have achieved to what we have going on in Nigeria now. Nigeria is even considering getting a $100M concessional loan from India.


Somewhat Nigeria is regarded as one of the biggest economy in Africa but within it doesn’t reflect. In Nigeria only the politicians are rich while its citizen is a reflection of the opposite (poor). At the end of May 2018, the survey showed that Nigeria had an estimated 87 million people in extreme poverty. This old people can not bring us out of this impoverishment.


My fellow countrymen and women, the future of our dear country has once again being placed in our hands and its time to displace these old cargoes and bring in new and vibrant leaders who are from a new generation.

Y’all should go get your PVC’s so that we don’t end up on the social medias ranting over what our disunity and not exercising our franchise in this coming election might bring in as President. Lets resist every form of gullibility and take the bull by the horn by voting out politicians who didn’t deem it fit to at least show its citizens some respect by been present at the presidential debate to at least introduce us to their plans for us.


In every countries of the world, presidential debate plays a crucial role in helping citizens to be savvy about who would be representing them in government for a time frame in office. It is quite disheartening that some of the big wigs in Nigeria’s political system attached little or no importance at all to political debates, thereby leading to a boycott by these candidates.


Their exhibited action shows that they don’t value us and its demeaning because they have felt that with or without their presence at the debate gullible Nigerians will vote them in and its time we prove them wrong. If politicians in developed country like America, U.K, France etc could see the importance of debate before election, then we should know how imperative a debate before election is. Our politicians only comes to campaign ground, plays noisy music, share money to buy our votes.


Its time we change this archaic status quo and get a younger and vibrant leader into office. Remember no be only two bad choice whey dey the contest!! Nigerians! Nigerians!! Nigerians!!! How many times I call una? Please don’t vote any old man back to office for the sake of our country. We need to salvage our dear nation from the hands of destiny killers.


2019 General Election will be historic because old things should be passed away and all things made new.



Chuks Anthony writes in from Lagos

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