China Wants A Deal With U.S. Very Badly – Donald Trump

Amid the ongoing Beijing visit of a high-powered U.S. delegation led by its Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to hammer out a deal with the Chinese, President Donald Trump has said China wants a trade deal with the United States very badly.


“Things are going well with China. China wants to make a deal very badly. I want it to be a real deal, not just a deal that makes (it) — you know, cosmetically look good for a year. We have a chance to make a real deal with China,” Mr Trump told reporters on Tuesday after his Cabinet meeting at the White House.


A high-powered American delegation led by Mr Lighthizer is currently in China for negotiations with his Chinese counterparts on a bilateral trade deal, which, the U.S. says, needs to bring down the bilateral trade deficit, stop Chinese theft of intellectual property and end coercion of American companies in China.

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