Border Apprehensions Drop 14% In October

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US immigration officials apprehended just more than 42,000 individuals at the southern border with Mexico in October, acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Thursday, marking a drop from the previous month and a sharp decline from earlier this year.

“This represents an overall decrease of almost 70 percent since the peak in May of this year,” Morgan told reporters at the White House, crediting the Trump administration’s “bold” actions for the decline. “This is a significant decline.”

The new figure represents a 14 percent decline since September, when officials apprehended 52,000 individuals at the border.

Still, Morgan described the current situation as a continuing “crisis.” Morgan has previously said an acceptable number of apprehensions would be roughly 500 per day, a figure that many experts view as unrealistic. Morgan said Thursday that currently U.S. officials are seeing about 1,300 apprehensions per day, which he continued to describe as unacceptable.

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