9 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. Research shows the relationship between low testosterone and obesity, bone decalcification, impaired memory function, cardiovascular disease and even premature death. That is not so nice. And it is not so nice that the level of testosterone decreases from the age of 25 onwards. If you walk against 50, it will be a little harder gives you simple ways to increase your testosterone and men health.


What Is Testosterone And What Does It Do?


Testosterone is the male sex hormone and women also have small amounts of testosterone. Part of the production takes place in the adrenal glands. Men produce testosterone mainly in the balls, in the case of women it happens in the ovaries.


Men still recognize the physical change during puberty when their testosterone started to work. You got a deeper voice, beard growth and your muscle mass increased. The girls also started to arouse your interest and the girls got that too.


Testosterone is primarily a sex hormone. Testosterone also makes you more alert and a bit more aggressive. After your 25th the production of it decreases, causing your body composition to change. This entails a number of negative consequences, such as an increased risk of all kinds of illnesses, overweight, a too big belly (which does not want to leave) and premature death.


You can use the following ways to boost your testosterone. It works in both men and women.


1.More Sex


Testosterone is the sex hormone par excellence. Put your business to work by sex more often. For testosterone, just as it applies to many other things in life, if you do not use it reduces the ability. If you train more often, to speak in a metaphor, the system will stay in tact better. This applies to both men and women. Fine tip right?


  1. Strength Training


You now know that I am a big supporter of strength training . Especially HIIT forms such as bootcamp (does my girlfriend) and CrossFit (I am a big believer) are effective to boost your testosterone.


Physical exercise in general is one of the most effective ways to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and to stimulate your testosterone. It appears that regular exercise leads to a higher testosterone level.


  1. Healthy Fats, Proteins And Carbohydrates


What you put in your mouth will affect the level of your testosterone. The eating of full-fledged food is strongly recommended here. Full nutrition is food in its most unprocessed form. Now completely unprocessed food is barely available in the Netherlands and there are not many people who grow vegetables themselves and keep a small herd.


However, with the <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishmonger”>fishmonger</a>, the poulterer, the traditional butcher and the greengrocer you can obtain foods that are close to nature.


By often diets, or by alternating diet periods with periods of over-eating, you disrupt the testosterone level. Full nutrition contains those healthy proteins , fats and carbohydrates from, for example, vegetables in the right quantities.


Especially cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, squash, cauliflower, kale, Chinese cabbage, radish and white cabbage do you much good.


Do you think you are already doing well with healthy eating and drinking? Then read our e-book on healthy food too.


  1. Sleep Well


Last year I posted two blogs about the importance of a good night’s sleep. I found it remarkable how many people have read the two blogs. Apparently there is a great need for this. In the blogs you will find tips for a good night’s sleep , so that you sleep better and better.


  1. Less Stress


Long-term stress is unhealthy for you and can eventually lower your testosterone levels. This is mainly due to the stress hormone cortisol. A lot of cortisol automatically means less testosterone. Cortisol also provides extra fat storage. If this happens especially around your organs, considerable health risks arise.


A good way to get rid of your stress is to laugh a lot and have a good night’s sleep. If you need more to experience less stress, take a coach in your hand.


  1. Less Drop


Licorice is very tasty – I think so too – but it does pressure testosterone. In addition, eating a few drops a day also increases your blood pressure and that is not very healthy. How do you ensure that you eat less liquorice? Very simple, just do not get it at home. I do not do that either. Because it is not there, you can not eat it either.


  1. Go Into The Sun


Research shows that vitamin D has many benefits for good health. Your skin converts the sun’s rays into vitamin D and it also helps keep your testosterone on the arrow. Now that the weather is summer, you automatically get more sunlight, but when the sun is gone I can also get your vitamin D from fish, egg yolks and mushrooms.


  1. Not Too Much Alcohol


Soak up the sun with a cold glass of rose. Sounds good right? Yes, but not too much. Alcohol also contains a substance that significantly reduces the production of testosterone. This happens when you drink three or more glasses a day.


  1. Avoid Healthy Living And Estrogen-Like Compounds


Healthy living includes healthy eating, lots of laughs, not too much stress, success experiences, happiness, regular sex and other forms of exercise and adequate sleep. All these factors affect your testosterone and your hormone levels in general.


Exposure to parabens and other chemicals contained in packaging material will affect your hormones negatively. Unfortunately, almost everything you buy is packaged. Just think of a bottle of water, an ounce of meat products and packaged foods.


And, What Can You Do With This?


Testosterone is therefore an important hormone that affects your weight, memory, alertness, cardiovascular disease, the strength of your bones and even the length of your life. It is therefore important that you, after your 25th and especially after your 50th, ensure that you continue to produce sufficient testosterone.

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