Money Show: If Your Country Win, I Will Furnish Your New Mansion In LA, Beckham

… I will buy you dinner wherever you want in the world – Ibrahimovic




David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have plenty riding on Saturday’s World Cup quarter-final between England and Sweden.

Ibrahimovic has retired from international football and is now playing in the MLS for Beckham’s former side, LA Galaxy.

The two players’ careers have followed similar paths, both also playing for Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan, and on Friday, Ibrahimovic offered Beckham a wager.

“If England win I buy you dinner wherever you want in the world, but if Sweden wins you buy me whatever I want from Ikea, OK?” he suggested on Twitter.

Beckham replied on Instagram, saying: “If Sweden win I will personally take you to Ikea and buy you whatever you need for the new mansion in LA.

“But when England win I want you to come watch an England game at Wembley wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish and chips at half-time.”

The final deal was ‘brokered’ by LA Galaxy, who also tweeted to say “the terms of the deal have been set”.

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